Pet Health Pet Food – The Five Tips You Cannot Manage to Miss

Everybody wants our dogs to become healthy, but exactly how should we ensure they are getting sufficient diet? Dogs are carnivores naturally, so typically most pet food has meat inside it. However the caliber of the components and just how you allow your pet the meals makes a significant difference. Continue reading to uncover 5 tips you cannot manage to miss about pet health pet food.

Portion Control. Roughly 1 / 2 of dogs are overweight. This could affect their own health significantly…therefore it is essential that we watch what our dogs eat. Make certain to follow along with the feeding recommendations around the pet food bag. The portion is determined by your canine’s weight and level of activity.

Strengthen your Dog Eat Fresh. Everyone knows the advantages of humans eating fruits and veggies, what regarding your dog? You might be surprised that fruits and vegetables are great for your dog! Provide him a percentage every single day. The only real factor you need to avoid is raw let’s eat some onions.

Browse the Pet Food Labels. When you are purchasing pet food, search for the very best utilized by date (exactly like you would for human meals). When the pet food bag does not possess a identifiable code, call the manufactor and keep these things explain their code. This should help you to continually make certain your pet gets fresh foods.

Be familiar with Allergic reactions. Whenever your dog starts itchiness, you might immediately think…it should be fleas! This can be the situation…but it’s also wise to eliminate food allergic reactions. Some dogs are allergic to beef, milk, wheat, soy or any other artificial food additives. A veterinarian will help you determine the particular trouble with your dog.

Consider Dog Supplements. There is not presently a typical for qc of canine supplements. What exactly performs this mean? If you are thinking about giving your pet vitamins, you might want to search for a couple consumer sources first.

The Pros and Cons of ParaGard IUD

The Paragard IUD, also called the Copper T 380A, is just a kind of contraceptive for girls. This kind of birth control is more long lasting, because it’s legal for 5-10 years.

As is suggested by its name, this kind of IUD is added in the uterus of the woman so as to stop pregnancy. Unlike other intra uterine products, it’s non- copper and hormonal. The way it works is the uterus is deceived into thinking it raises the white blood cell count to fight off this clear illness and it is a foreign bacteria. This creates a really hostile environment for sperm, and most won’t live long enough to fertilize an egg. The secondary method that it works is it stops implantation of pre-fertilized eggs onto the uterine wall.

This choice of contraception is ideal for women who’ve already given birth to a minimum of one child. The Paragard IUD will function best with a uterus that’s gone through all the phases of pregnancy. This kind of birth control additionally can’t be used when the woman includes a history of Pelvic Inflammatory Dis-Ease (PID), reaches risk for PID, includes a history of cancers or reproductive infections or if she’s Wilson’s disease. Naturally, the IUD shouldn’t be used when the girl is pregnant either.

The positives of applying this form are that it’s extremely suitable. You don’t need to remember add anything before intercourse, or to take a pill each day. This form of birth control is additionally hormone-free which means weight gain, no mood swings, or other such side effects of endocrine. The Paragard IUD additionally has a 99.4% speed of effectiveness. It is simple to eliminate once the woman decides that she want to quit using birth control, and easy to add.

One quite common negative side effect for preventing unwanted pregnancies to this form, is a more heavy menstrual flow. About 12% of women using the IUD end up removing it because of an unbearable increase in bleeding and cramping. Another side effect is this IUD could get caught or puncture the uterus that. This occurs in 1 from every 1000 women, and is uncommon. It’s traditionally found immediately since this will occur just during insertion. Additionally, there is a two to ten percent risk the uterus thus leave the woman vulnerable to pregnancy, and will expel the IUD. Of course, this kind of IUD isn’t a barrier method, and therefore won’t shield you from STDs.

Overall, each woman determine if this contraception option would be perfect on her, given her medical history and situation and should discuss this sort of contraception with her physician.

Eye Stye Treatment In Children

Eye styes are a common type of infection which affects both the children and the adults and the eye stye treatment also remains almost the same. When children are affected with styes, it is very difficult for them to move around freely and it is also a very embarrassing experience for them as the other kids make fun of them pointing out the nasty looking swollen eyelids with the pus pointing on the eyelid.

If your child is suffering from styes let him get the proper treatment first. You can get a variety of successful and authenticated eye stye remedies just by clicking here. Since the treatment options remain the same for both the children and adults you can follow any of the remedies given here.

When it comes to the children it is a very difficult task to keep their hands away from the eyes. This is because the children won’t be able to bear the itching and burning sensation of the eyes caused by a stye and they keep on rubbing their eyes. Hence it is very important to keep their hands clean. Always ask the children to wash their hands with a disinfectant soap frequently especially when they suffer from this condition.

Keep a separate and clean wash towel to be used by the child at least when he suffers from a stye. This helps to check the spread of the infection to the siblings and the other family members. While applying topical antibiotics on the stye apply a thin film of the ointment over it and leave it undisturbed. Always wash your hands properly with a disinfectant soap before and after applying the ointment to the child. Whatever may be the stye remedy you are following, you should strictly wash your hands.

Comfort the child that eye stye is a harmless condition even though it is a painful condition. Give him the confidence to go to school and move around when he has got this health problem. It is not necessary to get a day off at the school unless it is too painful for the child to bear or it is too disturbing with excessive watering and burning of the eyes. It is often very essential to provide pain relievers like acetaminophen to the child to overcome the pain.

Ask the child to keep him away from computers and watching television. This is because watching TV and computers give strain to the eyes and this will cause excessive burning sensation and watering of the eyes. This will also lead on to constant rubbing of the eyes by the child thereby leading on to spread of the infection to the other eye too.

You should be very alert and should keep an eye on the child that he doesn’t squeeze the stye thinking that by doing so he can get rid of the stye. Make him understand that squeezing of the styes can lead on to further spread of the infection and will not cure. Ask him to wash his face and hands frequently to maintain good hygiene. Always inquire the child if he is able to see the classroom board and read his books properly as uncorrected refractive error may be the reason behind his eye styes. Hence with the variety of tested and successful treatment options available you can treat your child’s stye successfully.

What impact can real-time sensors and systems have on facility energy use

Increasingly large corporations are taking a strong look at their energy use, not just to be greener, but to drive down energy expenses. The rising cost of energy has created the incentive to look for greater efficiency. Harnessing real-time sensors in your facility or campus can provide dramatic cost savings that quickly repay this investment.

The next wave of wireless IP-addressable temperature and control sensors are making a big impact. With these wireless devices, there’s very little installation hassle or cost. The system is designed, sensors are put in place, and immediately an organization has a much better understanding of their facility’s energy use.

On the system side, the centralized analysis tools reveal energy baselines so that you can begin to make adjustments in your energy use. The ability to view and control energy use reveals a whole new level of facility maintenance opportunities. For instance, the benefits of switching to compact fluorescent lighting becomes quickly apparent with viewable energy savings.

Patterns of energy use over time also become apparent. Because energy costs rise based on peak demands, the astute facility manager can discern these patterns and adjust demands by staggering the use of high-energy appliances, and dramatically draw down their energy bills. Instead of an early-morning ramp up of all systems, perhaps there are opportunities to run things at night or to run machines at slower speeds and volumes over longer periods of time.

The cost savings can easily equal 15 percent of a yearly utility bill. While that cost savings may not sound like much in the context of a home owner, consider the energy costs of such facilities as a complex manufacturing plant, a hotel, or a large retail outlet. A 15-percent savings in those contexts could easily measure in the millions of dollars.

These sensors and energy analytic tools should usher in a whole new business model for facility maintenance. Instead of just incentive pay tied to facility upkeep measures, facility managers should be given incentives for how efficiently they run their facility. Given the right incentives, owner/operators may be quite pleasantly surprised by how efficiently their operations can run.

Burning Nipple = Fibromyalgia and nothing else!

After trying all these different vitamins to see if the sensitivity in my right nipple would go away, I finally got to the bottom of the cause.  I saw my General Practitioner whom I have been going to for 20 years, and it was her idea to try the vitamins.  I am unable to take hormones so that was my choice.  She said to pay attention to both my breast and watch for any change.  She said if I could find a place that would give me a mammogram at my age then to go for it.  If the vitamins didn’t help then the other possibility would be Fibromyalgia.  Yes, that’s always a possibility with EVERYTHING that goes on in my body.  So the vitamins did not help but I finally got an appointment with the best neurologist in Texas.  Literally he has been named that.  Anyway, I told him all about this strange nipple pain and also, I noticed one day that if I press on the skin next to my middle fingernail, it sends a burning pain straight up my arm and out my right nipple.  He took out a book and showed me the nerves that start in my fingers and run up my arm.  I believe this one is C6 or C7.  Can’t remember which.

So that’s that.  Nothing I can do about it either.  But I am so happy it’s a nerve. SO SO SO happy.  It comes and goes thank God, so I don’t always have to say to my husband, “Stay away from the right one!”

Feedback and Answer:

I know about fibromyalgia. I have it, and the pain can end up EVERYWHERE, including nipples!!! I’m on pain medication and a muscle relaxer at night so I can sleep. I’m a little weak and sore today, having a “fibro moment”. But I’m glad you found out what it was.

Those nerve, I’m glad you’re fine. Something like that made me go to get a mammogram last month. Nothing there either, but it is disconcerning when it hurts.

Yeah, I always had to mention that part to the husband, um “don’t go crazy”..LOL!!!

Caffeine: I can quit anytime! I swear!

My doctor mentioned on my last visit that I was starting to show signs of stress and hypertension (which is probably linked to my PCOS). Because my MD is pretty laid-back and awesome, she said she’d give me three months to work on reducing my stress levels or she was going to have to prescribe a low-salt, high blood-pressure diet and put caffeine on the forbidden list. To which I said “Gaaaargh!” and then promised to work on stress reduction and do more yoga. Anything rather than give up the monkey on my back: caffeine.

As far as vices go, I live a pretty clean life. I don’t smoke. I only drink when I’m around my friends in social situations (no drunken work parties for me, thank you very much), and even then, I usually limit my intake to two alcohol units*. I don’t gamble.* I don’t engage in random sex with strangers.** Basically, my only no-nos are biting my fingernails (super bad for your health, actually) and caffeine.

However, maybe we need to take a more serious look at our reliance on this legalized stimulant? After all, caffeine does more harm than good for your health. I’ve relied on the stuff since college, although back then it was in the form of crisp, sparkly HFCS-laden Mountain Dew. Now I limit my consumption to a kick-start in the morning, via either iced black tea or something piping hot from Starbucks, and on weekends, I can go without it completely (without getting withdrawal headaches). My goal for the rest of the month is to make a conscious effort to reduce my intake and also, get more sleep so that I am naturally energized.

I’m making this decision because of a wake-up call with my health, but Jobacle wonders what it would be like if employers had the same attitude about caffeine the way they do about other drugs and banned its employees from “using.”

Picture a time where people are stashing thermoses filled with coffee in their desk drawers and keeping coffee beans in their cars. The fear of random drug tests keep everybody on their toes. The best performing stocks belong to companies who have mastered the art of decaf, and have found a way to distill other ‘legal’ energy boosters into hot drinks. It might not be plausible, but it also might not be impossible. I’ll tell you straight up that if I ran a company (larger than Jobacle!) I wouldn’t want my employees suffering from the myriad problems caffeine brings with it. I’d even be willing to foot the bill to help them kick the habit. When you hire a coffee drinker, much like a smoker, you are assuming a greater risk–and there’s a good chance you will get less productivity out of that person versus a non-drinker. Plus, your health insurance costs could skyrocket.

How much caffeine do you consume on a given day? Are you addicted? What would you do without caffeine if your job or your health depended on it? Could you quit? The comments are waiting with a triple foam half caff grande latte.

*I’m employing the Vegas exclusion.

Two Comments by Editors:

1. I’ve never been a coffee drinker but I used to get a ton of caffeine from the 6 diet cokes a day I would drink. I used to think I was immune to caffeine as I never felt it and I could go a day without drinking any and be fine. When I quit drinking diet coke completely I went through 1 week of withdrawl type symptoms and 2-3 weeks of just being REALLY tired. It was kind of an eye-opener to see how dependent I really was on the stuff. Since then my skin has gotten so much better – not sure if is the lack of diet coke or the additional water I now drink instead but now that I’m completely off of it (been 6 full months) I don’t miss it at all.

2. I used to drink a ridiculous amount of caffeine. I mean a double energy drink in the morning and then before my night serving shift a quad shot (yes, as in 4 shots of espresso!) mocha, poured over ice so I could suck it down in 10 seconds. All this on an empty stomache, or I wouldn’t even get my buzz! And they say weed is evil. Ha!

Thankfully, I have backed off of my habit a bit. I don’t drink coffee on a regular basis at all, just when I need a boost. I almost never drink energy drinks (the caffeine isn’t even the worst thing for you in those…). It took a while to get over the headaches though…

Answer a question: Buy organic foods

I eat about 90% organic produce, poultry, grass fed beef, or wild caught fish.

And its really criminal the prices charged for organic in the US. Having been in Ecuador this winter, I can say, in no uncertain terms, that the cost of organic bananas in the US, for example, is a rip-off. All bananas have to be shipped in from SA, Central A, with the majority of bananas coming from Ecuador, so shipping cost is a wash.

The difference in price between organic and non-organic bananas is all on this side of the border. The same organic bananas in Ecuador cost much less than in the US.

Most of the food grown in Ecuador is organic, you don’t even have to think about it.

The answer:

Time is a precious commodity, but take just a moment to contemplate quality of life in America on a macro scale. For starters, it is a fact that Americans are prone to obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Now, ask why and begin paying attention to the ingredients in the food we purchase. Pay attention to the presence of high fructose corn syrup in almost every packaged good or the high sodium content in processed and canned foods. Consider how much sugar we consume without knowing we are doing so. Monitor your fat intake and watch for high saturated fat content. Now compound that with the fact that the produce we buy is sprayed with chemicals and the milk we drink contains growth hormones and antibiotics.

How much of this do you suppose the human body can safely pass and how much is causing a negative affect? Think again about the number of cancer, heart disease and diabetic patients there are. Compare that with other nations whose diets consist of healthier fare and organic foods begin to make more sense. Yes, they are expensive and I cant afford to subsist wholly on organics and all natural choices, but I can make intelligent decisions. I can choose to cook from scratch instead of using processed and canned foods. I can also determine what my children eat and educate them on how to make good, healthy food choices.

It only takes a moment to read the nutrition panel. Sugars and fats and high sodium is bad. Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are good. Buy frozen veggies instead of canned. Buy produce that is locally grown. Find a farm stand. A small investment in time may pay huge dividends in health and just maybe that means you will spend your twilight years enjoying your family instead of staring at the walls of a health care institution.

How to be healthy in your life

Your mind and body have the power to allow the health that is yours back into your daily life.

There are countless cases of healing. People in more dire circumstances than you have allowed their bodies to enjoy as state of perfect health. And this transformation has occurred in instances, in hours, or in a couple of short days.

You have the capacity to do this, and you will accept it, and it will happen.

Here are some tips:

You need to let go – let go of the past and the pain. Forgive others and forgive yourself.
Forgive yourself for not taking care of your self (by not seeing your doctor) and begin today to release the past and the pains.
Only see perfection in your life and body and give thanks for your healing constantly during the day.
Thank the Universe for all the good it is sending your way.
Give thanks because you are receiving it now.
Give thanks for all you have learned/experienced in this life (overwhelming troubles) and release them comepletely – and let them go.
Stay focused on your healing and blessings that you now have and give thanks.
You are strong – you have the Power – you are a success.

Being Healthy and Happy

When it comes to improving your health, most of us get stuck in the middle and are unsure of what to do. You don’t normally consider some of the most important things on how to improve your health. Most of the time, you get to depend on your doctor and not take things on your own before it happens. Although your doctor can give you necessary tips on how to improve your health, it is still essential to go back to the basic and ask yourself what’s good for you. For instance, drinking more water is more important than drinking soda. Eating junk foods is dreadful but taking vegetables and fruits aren’t. These are common things to do but most people take it for granted.

Refreshment from Blueberry Smoothie

Sometimes we are having doubts if what we eat or what we drink is healthy. There are foods and drinks that would give us assurance about these matters by the time we know what the main ingredient of the recipe are whether it is a mixture of food or a beverage. In a simple way, drinking healthy blueberry smoothie recipe would be good to the body as we know what are the nutrients that a blueberry have and same thing with other fruits and vegetables especially salads which have lots of mixtures of vegetables that contains different kinds of vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

Diet and Frittata on the Go

A healthy frittata recipe might be a big help for you if you are a person that would undergo to a diet and wants to have a healthy lifestyle. With it being your heavy meal, you would surely have a good time in your diet while enjoying not just the taste of it but the nutrients that it gives to your body. Try to change the other main ingredients that you are mixing up with the egg to create your frittata so that you would not be satiated in eating the same food every single meal. Let guides help you about your own frittata for your diet.

Burning Nipple = Fibromyalgia/perimenopause?

Ok so I have been trying to solve the mystery of the boob pain.  (see previous blogs)  The right one is still more sore but I am wondering how long it will be until it evens out.  This weekend I decided to look in my trusty Fibromyalgia (FMS) book to see if breast pain is one of the fun effects.  Of course it is!  What was I thinking?  Fibromyalgia has so MANY effects on the body, there are too many to count.  FMS causes trigger points on your body so that if you press one, it feels like you are bruised.  I found the one near the breast, pushed it, and voila!  PAIN!

Another thing that is making me think it is FMS is that when I took a bath this afternoon, I went under as far as I could so that my boobs were completely submerged.  It felt like the water was hitting a sunburn.  OUCH!   Another one of the many fine effects of FMS.  Skin pain.
I thought maybe I was growing or something.  Hey it’s possible!  Perimenopause=hormones right?  Ok so they haven’t grown.

So I guess the pain is a mix of both fibromyalgia and perimenopause.  I may go ahead and get that free mammogram though.  I don’t know yet.  Maybe I will call tomorrow and see if the mobile unit is going to be nearby.

Ah, those wonderful trigger points. . . My Rheumatologist loves to do what feels like a Karate Chop to the points on my chest, granted it’s really just a tap, but you know how that pain is amplified. Ever think maybe the boob pain was maybe some chest wall muscle pain coming through? The only problem I’ve had with my skin feeling so sensitive was when I had a massage. Even though he used the oil, I guess it was still too much friction. I hope you’re having a good day!