Answer a question: Buy organic foods

I eat about 90% organic produce, poultry, grass fed beef, or wild caught fish.

And its really criminal the prices charged for organic in the US. Having been in Ecuador this winter, I can say, in no uncertain terms, that the cost of organic bananas in the US, for example, is a rip-off. All bananas have to be shipped in from SA, Central A, with the majority of bananas coming from Ecuador, so shipping cost is a wash.

The difference in price between organic and non-organic bananas is all on this side of the border. The same organic bananas in Ecuador cost much less than in the US.

Most of the food grown in Ecuador is organic, you don’t even have to think about it.

The answer:

Time is a precious commodity, but take just a moment to contemplate quality of life in America on a macro scale. For starters, it is a fact that Americans are prone to obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Now, ask why and begin paying attention to the ingredients in the food we purchase. Pay attention to the presence of high fructose corn syrup in almost every packaged good or the high sodium content in processed and canned foods. Consider how much sugar we consume without knowing we are doing so. Monitor your fat intake and watch for high saturated fat content. Now compound that with the fact that the produce we buy is sprayed with chemicals and the milk we drink contains growth hormones and antibiotics.

How much of this do you suppose the human body can safely pass and how much is causing a negative affect? Think again about the number of cancer, heart disease and diabetic patients there are. Compare that with other nations whose diets consist of healthier fare and organic foods begin to make more sense. Yes, they are expensive and I cant afford to subsist wholly on organics and all natural choices, but I can make intelligent decisions. I can choose to cook from scratch instead of using processed and canned foods. I can also determine what my children eat and educate them on how to make good, healthy food choices.

It only takes a moment to read the nutrition panel. Sugars and fats and high sodium is bad. Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are good. Buy frozen veggies instead of canned. Buy produce that is locally grown. Find a farm stand. A small investment in time may pay huge dividends in health and just maybe that means you will spend your twilight years enjoying your family instead of staring at the walls of a health care institution.

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