Burning Nipple = Fibromyalgia and nothing else!

After trying all these different vitamins to see if the sensitivity in my right nipple would go away, I finally got to the bottom of the cause.  I saw my General Practitioner whom I have been going to for 20 years, and it was her idea to try the vitamins.  I am unable to take hormones so that was my choice.  She said to pay attention to both my breast and watch for any change.  She said if I could find a place that would give me a mammogram at my age then to go for it.  If the vitamins didn’t help then the other possibility would be Fibromyalgia.  Yes, that’s always a possibility with EVERYTHING that goes on in my body.  So the vitamins did not help but I finally got an appointment with the best neurologist in Texas.  Literally he has been named that.  Anyway, I told him all about this strange nipple pain and also, I noticed one day that if I press on the skin next to my middle fingernail, it sends a burning pain straight up my arm and out my right nipple.  He took out a book and showed me the nerves that start in my fingers and run up my arm.  I believe this one is C6 or C7.  Can’t remember which.

So that’s that.  Nothing I can do about it either.  But I am so happy it’s a nerve. SO SO SO happy.  It comes and goes thank God, so I don’t always have to say to my husband, “Stay away from the right one!”

Feedback and Answer:

I know about fibromyalgia. I have it, and the pain can end up EVERYWHERE, including nipples!!! I’m on pain medication and a muscle relaxer at night so I can sleep. I’m a little weak and sore today, having a “fibro moment”. But I’m glad you found out what it was.

Those nerve, I’m glad you’re fine. Something like that made me go to get a mammogram last month. Nothing there either, but it is disconcerning when it hurts.

Yeah, I always had to mention that part to the husband, um “don’t go crazy”..LOL!!!

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