Burning Nipple = Fibromyalgia/perimenopause?

Ok so I have been trying to solve the mystery of the boob pain.  (see previous blogs)  The right one is still more sore but I am wondering how long it will be until it evens out.  This weekend I decided to look in my trusty Fibromyalgia (FMS) book to see if breast pain is one of the fun effects.  Of course it is!  What was I thinking?  Fibromyalgia has so MANY effects on the body, there are too many to count.  FMS causes trigger points on your body so that if you press one, it feels like you are bruised.  I found the one near the breast, pushed it, and voila!  PAIN!

Another thing that is making me think it is FMS is that when I took a bath this afternoon, I went under as far as I could so that my boobs were completely submerged.  It felt like the water was hitting a sunburn.  OUCH!   Another one of the many fine effects of FMS.  Skin pain.
I thought maybe I was growing or something.  Hey it’s possible!  Perimenopause=hormones right?  Ok so they haven’t grown.

So I guess the pain is a mix of both fibromyalgia and perimenopause.  I may go ahead and get that free mammogram though.  I don’t know yet.  Maybe I will call tomorrow and see if the mobile unit is going to be nearby.

Ah, those wonderful trigger points. . . My Rheumatologist loves to do what feels like a Karate Chop to the points on my chest, granted it’s really just a tap, but you know how that pain is amplified. Ever think maybe the boob pain was maybe some chest wall muscle pain coming through? The only problem I’ve had with my skin feeling so sensitive was when I had a massage. Even though he used the oil, I guess it was still too much friction. I hope you’re having a good day!

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