Erotic Dreams

Erotic dreams are graphic video’s that play during sleep, sure to leave us awakening with overt feelings of excitement and sexuality. They occur within a person’s mind, fueled by images collected through life experience, books, drawings, photographs, and movies. Erotic dreams occur without conscious direction and can be logical or nonsensical. The subject matter varies from common activities to those that may be considered taboo by society or the dreamer. According to the Kinsey studies nearly all males and 2/3 of females report having sex dreams.

An erotic dream can be your mind’s way of experimenting with behaviors that you man never actually engage in. Heterosexual men are often horrified when they experience the common homosexual scenario. This can lead many men to question their sexuality. Women often have trouble with dreams that involve forced sexual play or rape-like situations.

In situations like these it is common for our subsconscious to censor dreams, replacing rude ideas with symbols. A dream about a train rushing through a tunnel is analyzed as symbolism for heterosexual intercourse. Bananas, towers, sausages and snakes commonly represent the penis, while tunnels and caves are female symbols.
If the content of your dreams is repeatedly troubling it may be necessary to seek counseling but usually erotic dreams are a pleasurable experience, allowing us to dapple in things that we may not have the ability to experience, or showing us something that we may wish to try. Sharing an erotic dream with a partner just might turn in to a rewarding experience of fulfilling those latent desires.

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