Eye Stye Treatment In Children

Eye styes are a common type of infection which affects both the children and the adults and the eye stye treatment also remains almost the same. When children are affected with styes, it is very difficult for them to move around freely and it is also a very embarrassing experience for them as the other kids make fun of them pointing out the nasty looking swollen eyelids with the pus pointing on the eyelid.

If your child is suffering from styes let him get the proper treatment first. You can get a variety of successful and authenticated eye stye remedies just by clicking here. Since the treatment options remain the same for both the children and adults you can follow any of the remedies given here.

When it comes to the children it is a very difficult task to keep their hands away from the eyes. This is because the children won’t be able to bear the itching and burning sensation of the eyes caused by a stye and they keep on rubbing their eyes. Hence it is very important to keep their hands clean. Always ask the children to wash their hands with a disinfectant soap frequently especially when they suffer from this condition.

Keep a separate and clean wash towel to be used by the child at least when he suffers from a stye. This helps to check the spread of the infection to the siblings and the other family members. While applying topical antibiotics on the stye apply a thin film of the ointment over it and leave it undisturbed. Always wash your hands properly with a disinfectant soap before and after applying the ointment to the child. Whatever may be the stye remedy you are following, you should strictly wash your hands.

Comfort the child that eye stye is a harmless condition even though it is a painful condition. Give him the confidence to go to school and move around when he has got this health problem. It is not necessary to get a day off at the school unless it is too painful for the child to bear or it is too disturbing with excessive watering and burning of the eyes. It is often very essential to provide pain relievers like acetaminophen to the child to overcome the pain.

Ask the child to keep him away from computers and watching television. This is because watching TV and computers give strain to the eyes and this will cause excessive burning sensation and watering of the eyes. This will also lead on to constant rubbing of the eyes by the child thereby leading on to spread of the infection to the other eye too.

You should be very alert and should keep an eye on the child that he doesn’t squeeze the stye thinking that by doing so he can get rid of the stye. Make him understand that squeezing of the styes can lead on to further spread of the infection and will not cure. Ask him to wash his face and hands frequently to maintain good hygiene. Always inquire the child if he is able to see the classroom board and read his books properly as uncorrected refractive error may be the reason behind his eye styes. Hence with the variety of tested and successful treatment options available you can treat your child’s stye successfully.

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