How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System

Cocaine remains detectable in your system for a period of a few days. However, drug testing do not test for it, they test for a cocaine metabolite called Benzoylecgonine. Most drug testing strips test for a presence of cocaine or benzoylecgonine of greater than 300 ng/ml.

Cocaine metabolites (Benzoylecgonine) will usually flush out of your body in a few days; however there are many factors which will affect the time cocaine stays in your system.

Factors Which Affect Cocaine Presence in Your Body:

  • Amount of Cocaine Used
  • Quality of Cocaine
  • Body Mass Index


Cocaine metabolites will remain present in your system longer when there are larger amounts of them induced into the body. Basically this means the more cocaine you use the longer it will stay in your system. If you are a weekend cocaine user most likely you will be cocaine free by next weekend. However, if you are using it every day it may take 10-15 days for your body to be free of cocaine presence.


Cocaine in its pure form is very potent and potentially deadly. Luckily most found is the United States is not pure. Many drug dealers “cut” cocaine with substances like baby laxatives. This increases the amount they can sell, however it makes it less potent. The more potent the cocaine is the longer that it will take your body to excrete its metabolites.

Body Mass Index

A body mass index is a graph using height and weight measurements to determine a person’s body fat percentage. The higher a person’s body fat percentage the longer it will take for weed to get out of your system.

Figuring Out How Long Weed Will Stay In Your System for a Urine Drug Test.

It would be a safe estimate for a person to expect it to stay in their system for 2-7 days when cocaine is used recreationally in a urine drug test. For a chronic user cocaine could be present in the body for a much longer time. Cases have detected cocaine in urine for up to 30 days.

Figuring out How Long it Will Stay In Your System for a Hair Drug Test.

Hair Drug test are extremely accurate. Cocaine will remain present in your hair forever until that hair is removed from your body. On average hair grows at a rate of .5 inches per month. If you were a to quit using the drug, and had a hair length of 1.5 inches, cocaine use from 90 days ago would be still be present in your hair. Because of this, many larger firms have switched to using a hair drug test.

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