Masturbation Merriment

Masturbation is the stimulation of one’s own genitals to create sexual pleasure. It is also known as autoeroticism and onerism. Masturbation is considered to be a healthy means of self-exploration with many purposes, including:

Pleasure of arousal and orgasm
Means of relieving sexual tension
More rewarding experience than a partnered encounter
A method of keeping sexual desires from clouding one’s judgement, and

Sex educators reccommend masturbation to adolescents as a way to become acquainted with their sexual organs and responses. Masturbation is also an effective tool for women learning to orgasm and men dealing with ejaculatory control. Adults who masturbate usually have more liberal views and consider pleasure and important goal of sexuality.

So, Who’s Doing It?
Kinsey found that 95% of men and 75% of women masturbate frequently, including single and married respondents. Studies also indicate that the higher one’s education level the more likely they are to engage in masturbation. Moreover, people cohabitating are more likely to masturbate than those living alone.

Is Masturbation Harmful to a Relationship?
Some people believe that sexual pleasure should not be experienced alone. They fear that a partner’s desire to masturbate indicates a problem in the realtionship, that they are not fulfilling their purpose, but studies proved that married partners who masturbate enjoy more sexual and marital satisfaction than those who don’t. People’s biggest concern with masturbation is doing it too much.

How Often is Too Often?
Masturbation can be harmful if it interferes with daily activities. Sometimes masturbation is the symptom of a problem, and not the problem itself. For example, someone who is experiencing intense emotional anxiety may use masturbation as a form of self-comforting. The problem in this example is the emotional anxiety, not the masturbation.

Although masturbation poses no physical disadvantages it is often considered sinful and dirty. Next week I’ll explore the negative connotations of masturbation.

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